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The Ultimate Foodie Gift Guide

Healthy food lovers, aspiring chefs, eco-friendly...we have it all!  

  1. Mini Waffle Maker - pair with quick waffle mix or a homemade waffle mix and this would be the cutest gift!

  2. Vitamix - Complete splurge but I use mine just about every day! True investment if you love to make smoothies, soups, ice cream, plant-based milk, flour, etc.

  3. Food Processor - Everyone needs a processor! I use this one just as much as the Vitamix.

  4. Chef Knife - A good chef knife is essential! I bought this one a couple years back and have only sharpened it once! It’s also a splurge but you can usually get this one on sale!

  5. Glass Food Storage Containers Set - I have been using these for years and still in good condition! They are glasslock, BPA free, oven safe, and microwavable. Great for the meal prepper!

  6. Instant Pot - Pretty much self-explanatory. Currently on my Christmas wish list!

  7. Stainless Steel Drinking Straws - Why pollute the planet with plastic straws when you can get these reusable drinking straws?! Great as a stocking stuffer!

  8. Cast Iron Skillet - Because it’s a sin if you don’t have one!

  9. Morning Beautiful Mug - Well, really anything from the “Hearth and Hand” by Magnolia collection!

  10. Dutch Oven - Non-Negotiable kitchen staple. Just love Chrissy Teigen's kitchen line at Target right now!

  11. Stasher Bags - A great eco-friendly replacement for Ziploc bags. They are reusable, heat, bake, and freezeproof!

  12. Anthropologie Cheese Board - Great for the party hostess on your list!

  13. Bee’s Wrap Food Wraps - Do you see a trend here? Lol Eco-friendly, reusable, and plastic-free food storage alternative to plastic wrap!

  14. Anthropologie Perasima Platter - I absolutely love everything Anthropologie so you could just go straight to the website’s kitchen section!

  15. Sriracha Keychain - Great for the condiment lover!

  16. Nutrition Stripped Cookbook - One of my all-time favorite food blogger/dietitian. Her cookbook is a great start if you are new to eating nutrient dense whole foods.

Most of these products will be on sale for Black Friday so check them out soon!

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The Ultimate Fitness Junkie Gift Guide

From stocking stuffers to fun splurges, we have it all! 

  1. Adidas Ultraboost Shoes - Currently on my Christmas wishlist! This shoe is great if you are a neutral runner.

  2. Athleta Cozy Karma Asymmetrical Pullover - Because, who doesn't like a good cozy pullover!

  3. Skylar perfumes - Currently my favorite clean, hypoallergenic, and cruelty-free perfume. I know I'm weird, but I have to smell good before a workout. It just makes me think that I won't smell like nasty sweat afterward! Lol, my favorite scent is coral!

  4. Further Food Turmeric Tonic - This powder is great to make instant golden lattes! Bonus, it's made with natural anti-inflammatory & immune boosting ingredients. A win for those really heavy workouts! Here is a discount code for 10% off your first purchase, FROMTHEROOTSBLOG10.

  5. Hair Ties - Great as a stocking stuffer!

  6. Gaiam Yoga Mat - Great for the yogi and they have many patterns!

  7. Mario Badescu Facial Mist - I love these inexpensive mists for post-workouts. Feels refreshing and smells heavenly!

  8. Vooray Workout Bag - The cutest yet functional and affordable workout bag I have seen. Currently on my Christmas wish list!

  9. Elite Surge Jump Rope - If you are a Crossfitter and/or do DU's (double unders), then you will love this jump rope! Personally, I wouldn't get this style if you are just jumping rope as a warm up because the string is very thin=rope burns!

  10. RX Bars - Great to throw in your workout bag for a pre or post workout snack!

  11. Natural Vitality - Anti-stress powder that is great in restoring healthy magnesium levels, supporting a healthy immune system, and keeping bones strong. Magnesium is an essential mineral that supports blood sugar levels, promotes normal blood pressure, and is required for producing and storing energy. I love taking this supplement after a long run, when I'm stressed, or if I'm having trouble sleeping.

  12. Mountain Ocean Skin Trip Moisturizer - This is the only lotion I use! Hands down, the best moisturizer I have ever owned. It also has a very subtle coconutty beach water smell.

  13. Knockout Leggins by VS - Best workout leggings ever and bonus, they have pockets!

  14. Qalo Wedding band - Whether you are engaged or married, these inexpensive rings are great to wear at the gym especially if you do weightlifting, gymnastics, or CrossFit type workouts.

  15. Sports Research Collagen Peptides - Collagen is an important nutrient needed to ensure the health of your skin, hair, cartilage, joints, and bones. I like to add a scoop of collagen with MCT oil in my coffee every morning.

  16. Foam Roller - Because, who doesn't love a good foam roller!

  17. Hydro Flask water bottle - Little pricey but worth every penny! Has a BPA free straw lid and double-walled, insulated which means water stays cold for up to 24 hours, what!?

  18. IABMFG shorts - If you can’t seem to find squat proof workout shorts then look no further. I love this particular style because of the fabric and length but they also have many fun patterns and different inseam lengths. One pair is expensive but this website is always giving out really good discounts!

  19. Nutrition Stripped Good Food Good Vibes t-shirt - Great to workout in because it is lightweight, breathable, and sends positive vibes!

  20. Beats PowerBeats 3 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones - By far, the best pair of headphones. I have gone through many, let me tell you, but these bad boys will stay in your ears through long runs, heavy HIIT and cardio sessions and just casually walking the dog.

Most of these products will be on sale for Black Friday so check them out soon!

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