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Everything Bagel & Lox Socca Pizza

Summertime = traveling so let me take you to southern France, the home of the socca bread. While strolling through the markets in France, you will find socca (healthier than pancakes) everywhere. Socca is made with 4 simple ingredients: chickpea flour, water, salt, and olive oil. As you can see, socca is free from gluten, dairy, and grain while being high in fiber and protein. 

Chickpea flour is simply grounded chickpeas and is minimally processed. You can purchase chickpea flour or make your own! If you are making your own chickpea flour, you can boost the nutritional value by using sprouted chickpeas! Like other beans and legumes, soaking and sprouting makes them easier to digest. 

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Lemon and Coconut Energy Balls

I have to be honest - life can be hard and stressful for me at times.

I juggle school, work, this food blog, and my personal life all while searching for grad schools. In everything I do, I strive to be intentional in every moment and hour in my life.For example, if I take a class and pass by the skin of my teeth then what have I gained from the experience? With every new practice, patience and persistence are tested as we don’t always get it right the first time. In the midst of the busy times, I have to continuously remind myself that this is only temporary and that I should be proud of myself for getting this far.

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