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Classic Healthy Chicken Salad

Make your busy life manageable with this quick and healthy classic chicken salad that is sure to fill you up and save you time and money!When I worked at a spa in West Georgia, I would grab lunch at Chicken Salad Chick and get their amazing chicken salad that was quick and super refreshing. Sometimes, I would indulge and get the not-so-healthy chicken salad options. Nonetheless, everything was amazing and I miss it dearly! Now that I live in Kentucky where unfortunately Chicken Salad Chicken does not exist, I make my own chicken salad at home, saving time and money. With this recipe, all is good in the world!

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Avocado Deviled Eggs

They’re perfect for Easter or for an upgraded snack. Sprinkle with chives or dill and smoked paprika for garnish!

Growing up as a child, my mother would make deviled eggs for every occasion; Christmas, Easter, you name it! But since I live in a different state from her, it looks like it's up to me to continue the tradition in my home! This recipe will be similar to my mother’s recipe but tweaked so it’s healthier for you.

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Lemon and Coconut Energy Balls

I have to be honest - life can be hard and stressful for me at times.

I juggle school, work, this food blog, and my personal life all while searching for grad schools. In everything I do, I strive to be intentional in every moment and hour in my life.For example, if I take a class and pass by the skin of my teeth then what have I gained from the experience? With every new practice, patience and persistence are tested as we don’t always get it right the first time. In the midst of the busy times, I have to continuously remind myself that this is only temporary and that I should be proud of myself for getting this far.

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Mediterranean Grain Bowl + Goat Cheese And Olive Dressing

I don't know about you, but I generally have a busy schedule. An everyday schedule looks something like this: wake up at 6:15AM, get ready for work/prepare a smoothie, long commute to work, work all day, chemistry lecture in between, workout, come home, make dinner, study for GRE, work on homework, work on the blog, and go to bed around 11PM. As you can see, there is not much time in my schedule to make a nutritious and filling lunch.

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