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10 Minute At Home Booty Workout

Even though your butt can look great in tight jeans or help to build confidence, there are so many more reasons than this! There are three major glute muscles that will be targeted in this short workout, gluteus maximas, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. These muscles extends the hip (pulls the thigh behind you), does internal and external hip rotation, and abducts the hip (your lateral movement to the side). They are basically highly important! But for people who live a sedentary lifestyle or sit for the most part of the day, these muscles are often weak and under-worked.

By sitting, our glutes “turn off”which can lead to our hip flexors (the muscles that pull the thigh forward) get tight and can lead to injury. So with workouts like this that focuses on squatting with the addition to weights/without weights (strength/endurance), we can alleviate back pain, increase athletic performance, prevent knee pain, and improve posture! Now you know what your glutes do for you, here are four moves you can do for them!

10 Minute at home booty workout.jpg

Romanian Deadlift With Weight

Stand with feet hip-width apart, soft knees, while holding dumbbells in front of hips with palms facing thighs. Keep spine in neutral position and squeezing shoulder blades, start sending the hips back. Lower dumbbells in front of shins, keeping them close to the body. Once they pass the knees, do not allow the hips to sink further. At the bottom of the movement, maintain a neutral spine and drive through heels to fully extend hips and knees, squeezing glutes at the top. *Avoid rounding the back at any point! (I used 25# dumbbells)

Squat Jumps

Stand with feet hip-width apart, toes turned slightly out. Squat down with your weight in your heels, proud chest, and a neutral spine. When you hit the bottom of your squat, squeeze your butt tight and drive hard through your legs and heels as you launch straight up, pelvis forward, pushing off your toes at the last moment of contact with the floor. Land softly, then use the momentum from landing to go right into your next squat.

Alternating Squat Kicks

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, hands behind your head or held together, and elbows out to the sides. Bend your knees and sit back as far as you can. Push back to start, then kick your right leg in front of you, foot flexed. That’s one rep. Repeat, kicking with your left leg, and continue alternating.

Sumo Goblet Squats With Weight

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, toes turned out slightly. Inhale to sit hips back and lower into a squat, clasping hands in front of chest or clasping weight. Keep core engaged and neutral spine. Pause at the bottom, when hips are in line with knees or when form starts to break. Shins should be vertical and knees should be tracking over but past toes. Exhale to press into heels and outer edge of foot to stand. Squeeze glutes at the top. (I used 25# dumbbells)

If you try this workout, let us know! Leave a comment, rate it, and don’t forget to tag a photo to #fromtherootsblog on Instagram. If you ever need to see the movements in action; especially how to pulse for each movement, I have the workout videos stored on my IG!

4 Minute Plank Tabata Challenge

Tabata workouts are a great way to improve endurance or if you are short on time. It’s a high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout that last about 4 minutes!  There are many varied tabata style workouts that you can do, all you have to do is follow this simple guideline:

20 sec: work out

10 sec: rest

Complete 8 rounds

So for the first 20 seconds, you workout as hard as you can and then rest for 10 seconds. This is for one set. In total, you will complete 8 rounds. You can do whatever workout you would like that targets large muscle groups: burpees, squats, lunges, planks, etc.

For this particular tabata, we will be targeting the most love/hate muscle group - abdominal; using planks as the workout!

Feel free to pin the workout for later or download the PDF here!

Springtime Bingo.jpg



Place the forearms on the ground with the elbows aligned below the shoulders. Arms should be parallel to the body at about shoulder-width distance. If flat palms bother your wrists (like mine!), clasp your hands together. This plank variation can be performed with straight arms!



Starting in plank position, have your hands or elbows beneath your shoulders. Pivot to one side, raising the arm vertically above you as you twist. Pause and return to the starting position. You will perform both movements on the right and left side. Weights are optional but highly recommended!



Starting in plank position, have your hands or elbows beneath your shoulders. One arm at a time, push yourself into a push-up position, arms fully extended beneath you. Lower yourself, one arm at a time, back down to the elbow plank starting position. Repeat this movement, alternating which side your lower first with each rep.



Lie on one side with the legs stacked on top of one another then prop the body up on one hand or elbow. You will perform this movement for both right and left side.



Starting in plank position, have your hands or elbows beneath your shoulders. Keep your core engaged, jump your feet out and in (like jumping jacks). (my feet kept slipping and I felt like I was going to hit the…but remember to keep that plank position *flat back* throughout the movement)

If you try this workout, let us know! Leave a comment, rate it, and don’t forget to tag a photo to #fromtherootsblog on Instagram.

All Natural Citrus Cleaner

All natural citrus cleaner - Can be used on most surfaces and is made with ingredients you already have on hand!


I wish I could say that I was the one who created this amazing citrus cleaner but that would be a lie if I did. If you search “citrus cleaner” or “DIY citrus peel cleaner” on Google then you will get this recipe. The reason why I am showing you this is because the recipe actually works and it aligns with my core values -- clean ingredients for food and home!


I also do not like wasting food so this is a perfect solution. While there are many uses in repurposing citrus peels, the number one thing I do is to create another batch of citrus cleaner. For every orange eaten for breakfast or for every lime used for tacos (or margaritas!), I add the peels to a large mason jar and fill to the top with white distilled vinegar.


Most pantries are stocked with white distilled vinegar but if you don’t have any, that’s fine - a large jug will cost you about $2 at most grocery stores and will last you a long time! It is best for the peels and vinegar to sit for a minimum of two weeks. You can also mix things up by adding fancy herbs or essential oils.


My favorite part about this citrus cleaner? It’s a genie in the oven!

Our oven has never been the best but when we moved into our home, the bottom of the inside was absolutely awful. Every time you turned the oven on, a burning smell would emit. I tried all kinds of cleaners with no success... until I tried this! You will need to use baking soda in addition to the cleaner. Just cover the area with baking soda, spray the citrus cleaner over the soda, and let sit for at least 30 minutes. Soon enough, you, my friend, will have a clean surface again! (after picture - the center are scrape marks from previous owner :/ )

With that said, if you’re not sure whether the mixture is ready to use, spray the mixture over fresh baking soda. If the baking soda doesn’t activate then you know the citrus cleaner needs to sit for a little longer.

If you try this recipe, let us know! Leave a comment, rate it, and don’t forget to tag a photo to #fromtherootsblog on Instagram. We love seeing what you come up with!


  • 1 large mason jar

  • Citrus peels from 4-5 assorted citrus

  • White distilled vinegar


  1. Put orange peels into mason jar

  2. Fill jar with white distilled vinegar until peels are fully submersed.

  3. Place tight fitting lid on.

  4. Store in a dark place for at least 2 weeks.

  5. Strain the liquid and pour mixture into a spray bottle; about halfway full.

  6. Add water to fill up the rest of the half until full.


  1. All natural citrus cleaner is great as an all purpose cleaner that you can use on most countertops, glass windows, and ovens. Please note that this cleaner contains a high acid content that may not be suitable for marble, stone surfaces, and granite countertops.

The Ultimate Foodie Gift Guide

Healthy food lovers, aspiring chefs, eco-friendly...we have it all!  

  1. Mini Waffle Maker - pair with quick waffle mix or a homemade waffle mix and this would be the cutest gift!

  2. Vitamix - Complete splurge but I use mine just about every day! True investment if you love to make smoothies, soups, ice cream, plant-based milk, flour, etc.

  3. Food Processor - Everyone needs a processor! I use this one just as much as the Vitamix.

  4. Chef Knife - A good chef knife is essential! I bought this one a couple years back and have only sharpened it once! It’s also a splurge but you can usually get this one on sale!

  5. Glass Food Storage Containers Set - I have been using these for years and still in good condition! They are glasslock, BPA free, oven safe, and microwavable. Great for the meal prepper!

  6. Instant Pot - Pretty much self-explanatory. Currently on my Christmas wish list!

  7. Stainless Steel Drinking Straws - Why pollute the planet with plastic straws when you can get these reusable drinking straws?! Great as a stocking stuffer!

  8. Cast Iron Skillet - Because it’s a sin if you don’t have one!

  9. Morning Beautiful Mug - Well, really anything from the “Hearth and Hand” by Magnolia collection!

  10. Dutch Oven - Non-Negotiable kitchen staple. Just love Chrissy Teigen's kitchen line at Target right now!

  11. Stasher Bags - A great eco-friendly replacement for Ziploc bags. They are reusable, heat, bake, and freezeproof!

  12. Anthropologie Cheese Board - Great for the party hostess on your list!

  13. Bee’s Wrap Food Wraps - Do you see a trend here? Lol Eco-friendly, reusable, and plastic-free food storage alternative to plastic wrap!

  14. Anthropologie Perasima Platter - I absolutely love everything Anthropologie so you could just go straight to the website’s kitchen section!

  15. Sriracha Keychain - Great for the condiment lover!

  16. Nutrition Stripped Cookbook - One of my all-time favorite food blogger/dietitian. Her cookbook is a great start if you are new to eating nutrient dense whole foods.

Most of these products will be on sale for Black Friday so check them out soon!

Leave us a comment if you love this gift guide! We would love the feedback!

The Ultimate Fitness Junkie Gift Guide

From stocking stuffers to fun splurges, we have it all! 

  1. Adidas Ultraboost Shoes - Currently on my Christmas wishlist! This shoe is great if you are a neutral runner.

  2. Athleta Cozy Karma Asymmetrical Pullover - Because, who doesn't like a good cozy pullover!

  3. Skylar perfumes - Currently my favorite clean, hypoallergenic, and cruelty-free perfume. I know I'm weird, but I have to smell good before a workout. It just makes me think that I won't smell like nasty sweat afterward! Lol, my favorite scent is coral!

  4. Further Food Turmeric Tonic - This powder is great to make instant golden lattes! Bonus, it's made with natural anti-inflammatory & immune boosting ingredients. A win for those really heavy workouts! Here is a discount code for 10% off your first purchase, FROMTHEROOTSBLOG10.

  5. Hair Ties - Great as a stocking stuffer!

  6. Gaiam Yoga Mat - Great for the yogi and they have many patterns!

  7. Mario Badescu Facial Mist - I love these inexpensive mists for post-workouts. Feels refreshing and smells heavenly!

  8. Vooray Workout Bag - The cutest yet functional and affordable workout bag I have seen. Currently on my Christmas wish list!

  9. Elite Surge Jump Rope - If you are a Crossfitter and/or do DU's (double unders), then you will love this jump rope! Personally, I wouldn't get this style if you are just jumping rope as a warm up because the string is very thin=rope burns!

  10. RX Bars - Great to throw in your workout bag for a pre or post workout snack!

  11. Natural Vitality - Anti-stress powder that is great in restoring healthy magnesium levels, supporting a healthy immune system, and keeping bones strong. Magnesium is an essential mineral that supports blood sugar levels, promotes normal blood pressure, and is required for producing and storing energy. I love taking this supplement after a long run, when I'm stressed, or if I'm having trouble sleeping.

  12. Mountain Ocean Skin Trip Moisturizer - This is the only lotion I use! Hands down, the best moisturizer I have ever owned. It also has a very subtle coconutty beach water smell.

  13. Knockout Leggins by VS - Best workout leggings ever and bonus, they have pockets!

  14. Qalo Wedding band - Whether you are engaged or married, these inexpensive rings are great to wear at the gym especially if you do weightlifting, gymnastics, or CrossFit type workouts.

  15. Sports Research Collagen Peptides - Collagen is an important nutrient needed to ensure the health of your skin, hair, cartilage, joints, and bones. I like to add a scoop of collagen with MCT oil in my coffee every morning.

  16. Foam Roller - Because, who doesn't love a good foam roller!

  17. Hydro Flask water bottle - Little pricey but worth every penny! Has a BPA free straw lid and double-walled, insulated which means water stays cold for up to 24 hours, what!?

  18. IABMFG shorts - If you can’t seem to find squat proof workout shorts then look no further. I love this particular style because of the fabric and length but they also have many fun patterns and different inseam lengths. One pair is expensive but this website is always giving out really good discounts!

  19. Nutrition Stripped Good Food Good Vibes t-shirt - Great to workout in because it is lightweight, breathable, and sends positive vibes!

  20. Beats PowerBeats 3 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones - By far, the best pair of headphones. I have gone through many, let me tell you, but these bad boys will stay in your ears through long runs, heavy HIIT and cardio sessions and just casually walking the dog.

Most of these products will be on sale for Black Friday so check them out soon!

Leave us a comment if you love this gift guide! We would love the feedback!

How To - Creating A Morning Routine

A great article I read recently explained that the first three hours of your day will make or break the rest of your day. This makes sense since our brain and energy levels are most vulnerable in the morning after being well rested.

When I was in college, I would use this time to do most of my studying since I was more awake and susceptible. Now that I am working and taking classes again, I take about an hour and a half getting ready/commuting to work. As soon as I get to work at 8AM, I tackle the most important tasks. By 11AM, my mind is ready for a break. From the time I am awake until 11 AM, I completely unplug from social media. This has become a vital non-negotiable since I can get VERY easily distracted.

Everyone has their unique constraints so I would encourage you to find a way to apply this in your life. Dedicating the first 90 minutes of your work day completing tasks at the top of your list will make the rest of your day easier. I like to think of the analogy “eat the frogs first”. “Frogs” are basically the things you don’t want to do, but actually need to do. This analogy along with the first three hours of your day not only improves your efficiency and time management skills but also leaves you free to do the things that you enjoy doing for the rest of your day. 


One thing I know for sure is if my morning routine before going to work is not smooth, then the tone for the rest of my day is off. To help create a morning routine for you I have laid out what my morning routine looks like plus things that I have done/have seen work for others.  

TBH, my morning routine isn’t exactly Instagram worthy with drawn-out yoga sessions and meditation breathing exercises. I do not work from home and have a long commute to work so this routine is very cut and dry. But I am showing this because most people out there follow a limited morning routine before work.


My morning routine changes seasonally so at this moment, my routine looks a little like this:

  • 6:15AM - “Rise and shine, give God the glory, glory children of the Lord!” My mother used to sing this every morning so it just sticks. This is the time where I only go on my phone to turn the alarm off (no morning technology), snuggle with Rory and Emmy and do morning stretches.

  • 6:20AM - Take the dogs out to go to the bathroom. I use this time to start drinking my liter of water (recommend getting a hydro flask so that you wake up with fresh cold water) and get my legs moving while soaking up the morning air.

  • 6:45AM - Getting ready. I am a morning shower girl so I will shower, start my skincare routine, apply makeup, fix hair and put on clothes related to that day.

  • 7:15AM - Smoothie time! I usually whip up my morning green smoothie or PB&J protein smoothie bowl and put it in a glass mason jar to bring to work. While that is blending, I start my cup of coffee and put it in my Yeti cup so that it is still hot by the time I get to the office. Lately, I have been adding almond milk creamer, MCT oil, and collagen peptides in my coffee. I get my lunch box packed which consists of a meal prepped lunch, smoothie jar, snacks like an apple and almonds, homemade kombucha, and water.

* Elevated coffee + morning green smoothie is key in keeping me full and energized for the rest of the day!

   +7:30AM - Give Rory and Emmy a little treat, xoxo’s, and head out of the door!

You might look at this morning routine and think, “this seems pretty standard”. Well, not only is this routine standard but there is a lot involved that takes place before the morning starts. Dedicated planning takes place beforehand so that I don’t feel rushed in such a short amount of time. Things like having my water bottle ready, lunch meal preps, and setting the coffee timer to maximize my time getting ready. If I neglect any of these things then I will feel rushed leaving the door and I’ll go in to work frazzled and anxious.

Starting your day off on a healthy start also plays a key role in optimizing your morning! Drinking water and getting your greens in first thing in the morning sets you up for success. There are other things that are healthy/stress-free that can inspire your morning routines. Let’s talk about things that you could look into more.

Tips for Creating A Morning Routine:

  • Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier than usual so that you have more time to practice your morning routine without rushing or use this time to pray, stretch, journal, meditate, etc.

  • Drink water! My teeth are super sensitive so I do this every other morning but lemon water is great first thing in the morning.

  • Set your intention for the day. This practice is used in meditation but if that seems overwhelming, just simply give yourself a few minutes to tune into yourself and to set an intention.

  • Schedule your morning routine the night before. This is a great practice if you are new to setting a morning routine or if you have a week or day that you know will be busy.

  • Meal prep! If you haven’t noticed from my blog, I am a huge meal-prep advocate. This helps so much in cutting time out of your morning to prepare breakfast, lunches, and snacks.

  • Stretch! It’s a great way to increase flexibility, increase blood flow to your muscles, and reduce stress and body ache. Here is a link for simple stretching movements and ROMWOD which is a great mobility program.

  • Sweat it out! If you are a morning person or who has more time in the morning then workout! Working out first thing in the morning is great to release those endorphins, boost your metabolism, and you will most likely be more focused and alert the rest of the day! Due to my schedule, I work out at night but my Saturday morning workouts are my most favorite because of these reasons!

  • Eat breakfast! When we are sleeping, our metabolic rate runs slowly and at a conservative rate, but once we are awake, our bodies need to break out of a fasting metabolic state. Eating a healthy breakfast that’s nutrient dense like whole grains, vegetables, and lean proteins will keep our metabolism healthy!

  • Take it one item at a time. As you are creating a morning routine, take things 1 at a time so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. Drinking a liter of water, dedicating 5 minutes to stretching, and meal prepping was not an overnight success for me. You have to be consistent, intentional, and forgiving but you will get it!

I hope that sharing my personal routine and providing informative research about the a.m. will help and encourage you to cultivate your own morning routine. I would love to hear about your morning routines and what you have found really helped you!


To keep you motivated and alert here is a From the Roots Morning Routine music playlist: