The Ultimate Foodie Gift Guide


Healthy food lovers, aspiring chefs, eco-friendly...we have it all!  

  1. Mini Waffle Maker - pair with quick waffle mix or a homemade waffle mix and this would be the cutest gift!

  2. Vitamix - Complete splurge but I use mine just about every day! True investment if you love to make smoothies, soups, ice cream, plant-based milk, flour, etc.

  3. Food Processor - Everyone needs a processor! I use this one just as much as the Vitamix.

  4. Chef Knife - A good chef knife is essential! I bought this one a couple years back and have only sharpened it once! It’s also a splurge but you can usually get this one on sale!

  5. Glass Food Storage Containers Set - I have been using these for years and still in good condition! They are glasslock, BPA free, oven safe, and microwavable. Great for the meal prepper!

  6. Instant Pot - Pretty much self-explanatory. Currently on my Christmas wish list!

  7. Stainless Steel Drinking Straws - Why pollute the planet with plastic straws when you can get these reusable drinking straws?! Great as a stocking stuffer!

  8. Cast Iron Skillet - Because it’s a sin if you don’t have one!

  9. Morning Beautiful Mug - Well, really anything from the “Hearth and Hand” by Magnolia collection!

  10. Dutch Oven - Non-Negotiable kitchen staple. Just love Chrissy Teigen's kitchen line at Target right now!

  11. Stasher Bags - A great eco-friendly replacement for Ziploc bags. They are reusable, heat, bake, and freezeproof!

  12. Anthropologie Cheese Board - Great for the party hostess on your list!

  13. Bee’s Wrap Food Wraps - Do you see a trend here? Lol Eco-friendly, reusable, and plastic-free food storage alternative to plastic wrap!

  14. Anthropologie Perasima Platter - I absolutely love everything Anthropologie so you could just go straight to the website’s kitchen section!

  15. Sriracha Keychain - Great for the condiment lover!

  16. Nutrition Stripped Cookbook - One of my all-time favorite food blogger/dietitian. Her cookbook is a great start if you are new to eating nutrient dense whole foods.

Most of these products will be on sale for Black Friday so check them out soon!

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