From her roots


My philosophy has always been intuitive eating: a way of eating that is a way of life, and one that promotes a positive attitude towards food and body. I believe our relationship with food should be nourishing, not restrictive or antagonistic. My hope here is to redirect our misguided perceptions of what it means to be healthy by digging deep in the earth where real, sustaining foods come from: from the roots

My own roots are Southern. I am a twenty-something currently living in northwest Kentucky with my husband Michael, and our three fur babies Rory, Emmy, and Little Dickens. I am a lover of all things blue, tacos, and americanos. My journey towards health and wellness began while climbing the corporate ladder in the field of business management. I began to feel incredibly anxious at the thought of the corporate world being my life. During this time, food became therapeutic to me. My kitchen became the space I longed to return to, even after an exhausting workday. The pleasure I found in food and in cooking, and the journey of health and wellness, is something I want to help others experience as well. I am now working towards becoming a nutritional therapy practitioner.