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How to Reduce Travel Bloat

Almost every time I go on a road trip or fly, I get travel bloat. Anybody feel me?! One time when we traveled to Savannah, GA, it was so bad I had to take almost half of the day just lying in bed because of the pain. If you are anything like me, when you travel, you want to see the world. You got things to do and you are on a schedule! Well, when it comes to belly bloat while traveling, say goodbye to itineraries, Instagram-worthy food dives, and looking cute in that new outfit because bloat is here to stay! 

What if I can tell you that travel bloat doesn’t always have to ruin a great time? In my recent experience traveling, I have found products, tips and tricks to combat bloating while traveling, vacationing, or for any occasion. 

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Refrigerator Pickled Beets

We need to talk about beets.

I was not a fan of them in the beginning. It was so bad that I remember my first time trying them. It was at Jason’s Deli, many moons ago. I was with my health freak friends and they were like, “Oh! You have to add beets to your salad, they’re so good for you!”. I thought to myself, “Sure… If beets can make my entire salad pink then they can’t be that bad!”.

Boy, was I wrong; beets taste just like dirt.

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